Frequently Asked Questions

The followings are some of the frequently asked questions about our retreat. If you have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What is the earliest check-in time?
Check-in time is at 2pm, check-out time is latest by 12 noon. After check out, all guests are required to exit from the site to allow for housekeeping works.

Where do I check-in? Is there a reception counter?
There is no reception area in Sekeping Serendah. We practice a lay back approach for check-in procedure. When you arrive, just mention your name used for booking and make your balance payment (if any) to the caretaker. Then, they will guide you to your shed/house.

Can we check in to the chalet after midnight?
Yes but advisable to check in before 6pm, to avoid getting lost on the way.

Is there any eatery outlet/food stalls inside Sekeping Serendah?
No. Please bring your own food/drink. There is no food or drink sold at the site.

What are the facilities/amenities provided at Sekeping Serendah?



Any additional charges for children accompanying parents?
Children ages 0-7 years may stay for free, sharing the bed with a parent, but we charge full rate for children ages 8 years and above.

Can I recce the room / house before booking?
The site is open for visit/recce from Monday-Thursday (between 12.30pm – 2pm). Please call Ms Melanie (+6012-324 6552) to arrange your visit.

What kitchen utensils does the kitchen have?
The kitchen is equipped with cookware for simple cooking instant noodles and making packet coffee only.

Can we have BBQ or steamboat?
Yes but you must bring your own food, steamboat pot and extension wire if you are using electrical pot. The BBQ pit, charcoal, bbq equipments, cutleries, plates and cups are provided at no charge.

Is this place wheelchair friendly? Do you provide baby cot?
No, the site is not wheelchair friendly and we do not provide baby cot.

Can I take pre-wedding photo shoot?
Yes but only at the following areas - in the garden, swimming pool area and inside the chalet that you have rented. You are not allowed to shoot at other chalets, even if they are not occupied. Rate is price of the chalet booked + surcharge of RM200. Other terms apply. Please email us at for enquiry.

Any special discount for government servants?
No, we have only one standard rate for all our chalets (refer our booking summary page).

Any snakes, mosquito / insects or precaution that we should be aware of, as we might bring kids along?
So far, we have not had any animal-related accidents. As a measure to protect you from mosquito bites, we provide mosquito nets for every bed and mosquito coils. Please bring along your own insect repellent.

Any differences between the chalets?





Where is the BBQ area?
Each chalet has its own BBQ area located just outside of the unit or next to the kitchen area (depending on the design of chalet).

Can we have more than the limit number of people staying in the respective rooms?
Sorry, we are unable to allow that. Guests are checked in according to the capacity of chalets. Any extra guests exceed the capacity are not allowed to enter for check in, unless they are booked for suitable chalet/s.

Can we change or cancel the booking after confirmation?
Yes, please read our change of date and cancellation policies

Is Sekeping Serendah pets friendly?
Yes, please read our pet policy here.

What are the Sekeping Serendah's Terms and Conditions?
By making a booking for a stay at Sekeping Serendah you agree to be bound by the following Terms and Conditions. Please read them carefully before you proceed with your booking.