Sekeping Seapark | guest house, bed & breakfasts, accommodation petaling jaya kuala lumpur, malaysia

We believe good experiences come when things are kept simple. Like a steaming pot of broth on the stove. And crisp clean smelling white bedsheets to snuggle in. Or trees to let the evening sun filter through. Light filled courtyards to read in and little gardens to shower by. Lets not forget too the smell of freshly cut flowers. It’s a basic need we all have when it comes down to life.

Sekeping Seapark is about that simplicity tucked into and cared for by the basic warmth of clay brickwalls, a snug and carefully crafted place one can run home to at the end of a day of shopping, work or sightseeing, or simply hanging out from sunrise to sunset in the anticipation of a homecooked meal.

Too often we are faced with decisions about where to stay when we travel to a new city; to be pampered by the trappings of a boutique downtown hotel or to save money in slightly less lush surroundings. And we all wonder about the day when we will find the most perfect bits of each in a single place.

Sekeping Seapark is that alternative.

Come, stay and be simplified.

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