Sekeping Kong Heng


Staying as a guest at Sekeping Kong Heng ISN'T for everyone. For your sake and ours, please read on to find out whether you and Sekeping Kong Heng are a compatible match:

Our guest rooms are situated in a renovated 90 year old building- and out of respect for the grand old dame, we would rather be gentle in our approach by putting up lightweight partition walls and ceilings. Because of this, soundproofing within the premise is minimal, which adds on to the experience of old skool ‘shop-house living’. Be prepared for noise coming from the legendary Kong Heng coffee shop situated directly below at the break of dawn, and perhaps, a whiff of the famous slow-burning satay creeping through the cracks of the neo-classical louver windows. By retaining as much of the natural set up of the old structure, you will hear sounds of footsteps coming from above and below. Because of this, we encourage you to consider the other guests by being light-footed and gentle with your steps. We encourage mingling amongst our guests, which is why you will not find a television set in every room. However, there are board games available and a shared 40” television complete with a DVD home theatre system situated at the communal area upstairs-this also means it may get pretty loud on occasions! Feel free to lounge around with your new friends on one of our many hammocks and charpoy daybeds. The front rooms are more likely to experience the ‘bustle’ of the guesthouse, so kindly request for rooms at the back for less noise.

We will not, do not and cannot fumigate the area to rid insects and other local species. As we are a tropical country, we do have mosquitos and as a measure to protect you from insect bites, we provide mosquito nets for every bed available in the family room. We do not have air-conditioners in this room, but instead rely on the natural breeze and protection of the cool, green walls that blankets the entire room.

You will love Sekeping Kong Heng if you love trees, plants, architecture and a slice of history nestled between Ipoh's historical old town.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the earliest check-in time?
Check-in time is 2pm.

Any additional charges for children accompanying parents?
Children ages 0-4 years may stay for free, sharing the bed with a parent, but we charge full rate for children ages 5 years and above.

Can I leave my luggage in the house after I check out?
Yes, you can leave your luggage with our caretaker after you check out, until the end of the day.

Is there a curfew?
No, there is no curfew. Please contact us if your check in time is later than after 10pm.

Can I recce the room / house before booking?
Yes, please make appointment for the recce.

What kitchen utensils does the kitchen have?
The kitchen is equipped with cookware for cooking instant noodles and making packet coffee only.

Can we check in to the chalet after midnight?
Check in time is only until 10pm. Please indicate in your reservation form your arrival time.

Can we have BBQ ? Can we organize party?
Sorry BBQ and party not allowed as we are located in a residential area.

Is this place wheelchair friendly? Do you provide baby cot?
We do not have wheelchair facilities. No, we do not provide baby cot.

Can I take pre-wedding photo shoot?
Yes but only at the following areas - in the garden and inside the room that you have rented. You are not allowed to shoot at other rooms, even if they are not occupied.

Charges: Rate is price of the chalet booked + surcharge of RM200.

Any special discount for government servants?

What are the facilities available in the rooms?
The complete description of the guest house and its room facilities is available at our website.

Any snakes, mosquito / insects or precaution that we should be aware of, as we might bring kids along?
So far, we have not had any animal-related accidents. As a measure to protect you from mosquito bites, we provide mosquito nets for every bed and also mosquito coils.

Can we have more than the limit number of people staying in the respective rooms?
Sorry, we are unable to allow that.

Can we change or cancel the booking after confirmation?
Yes, policies as per below:

Cancellation policy:
Booking cancellation request/notification via email MUST be made at least fourteen (14) full days before the scheduled check-in date, with 20% of the total rate of your booking as cancellation fees applied (+6% for payment via paypal/credit card. Transfer charges applied for international transfer). No refund will be made for Booking cancellation request/notification less than fourteen (14) full days before the scheduled check-in date.

Change of date policy:
Change of date request/notification via email made at least fourteen (14) full days before the scheduled check-in date: 20% of the total rate of your booking as administrative fees applied Change of date request/notification via email made less than fourteen (14) full days before the scheduled check-in date: 50% of the total rate of your booking as administrative fees applied. Change of date is subjected to availability